The problem of life after death has puzzled every being at one point in their life. It is increasingly difficult in our times to believe in the spiritual. We live in a scientific world where the same people who are leading the way of technological progress are trying to convince us of a put-down live once perspective on existence. It’s becoming more and more important that we individually look for the truth in order to maintain our freedom so that we don’t govern our lives on others people’s incomplete perspectives.

“If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan.” — Terence McKenna

Among all know spiritual practices, contemplation is only one you really need.

Contemplation like a mirror
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Contemplation is a natural thinking process which everyone does. Other practices are also useful, but they have their limitations. Prayer, for example, requires the practitioner to believe in God. If you don’t really believe in God, then prayer can’t do much. Ethnobotanical substances may offer the consumer a mystical experience, but it alters one’s natural state of consciousness so it’s not that conclusive because one might interpret the experience as a product of the same process which produces dreams, imagination. And so forth.

What we therefore need is a method which we can use without altering our state of consciousness so that the evidence is undeniable. It’s obvious that contemplation is the best method of spiritual inquiry since it can be done fully awake and in any condition. Contemplation was an important part of the philosophy of Plato. Plato thought that through contemplation the soul may ascend to knowledge of the form of the good or other divine forms. By contemplating on specific aspects, profound answers which are hard-wired into our being will become clear in our mind. I like to think about contemplation as a mirror which reflects desires and attitudes from base layers of our being.

Knowing, not believing, that a part of ourselves transcends death brings enormous joy and a profound change in the way the live.

Life is magical
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There is an important distinction between to know and to believe. Many philosophers have drawn the conclusion that there is life after death, but they usually rely on analogies which they can’t really demonstrate to be true. Socrates made a analogy between life/death and wakefulness/sleep, that in the same way sleep arises from wakefulness and vice versa, so do life and death. Knowing that you will never die can only happen when the evidence before you can only lead to this conclusion.

Mystical contemplation, which is what I use and have discovered various aspects and approaches to it, will make you aware of different components beyond the realm of the body, which is the spirit, during absolute wakefulness. I remember when I first had this kind of experience, I was really ecstatic, there was an enormous relief. The idea of a legacy, in the many forms that society has created, career, financial legacy, fame, all became irrelevant. What remains is the desire to live the life that you really love, a certain playfulness with life. You start seeing yourself not as a puppet of society or of an external process called life, but that you are the process and your experience is entirely in your own control.

“On this path let the heart be your guide, for the body is hesitant and full of fear.” — Rumi

Let me invite you to my one-on-one guidance sessions.

So then, I am presenting this invitation to you so that you can see your true nature for yourself. What I am offering is a set of various contemplations, which you will do on your own, which I discovered to be linked to the spirit. We will talk about yourself so that I can asses which contemplations are best suited for yourself, I will explain how to correctly perform them and then we can discuss your experience and draw conclusions about it. Depending on the outcome of your personal pursuit, you can try more advanced contemplations if necessary.

My guidance is completely free.

I do welcome however donations to support this work, but only upon achieving success.

There is no time limit our collaboration, as you cannot force yourself during contemplating. It may take even weeks, but there is no rush.

“Know then that the body is merely a garment. Go seek the wearer, not the cloak.” — Rumi

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