D uring some difficult moments in my life, I felt the need to understand more about this process called life. With the rebel side of me not accepting to be culturally programmed, I started looking basically anywhere to find insights and bits and pieces of the puzzle.

Life struggles
Photo by Shane Zhong on Unsplash

Although I had found some reasonably important answers before, I was still not satisfied. I wanted to be as sure as sure can be. I had no choice. Many things happened that I understood only later on. Metaphysics don’t really matter to you when things go the way you want. The profoundness of the things I’ve learned would probably blow the mind of the person I was years and years ago.

I’ve started this website in order to share some useful knowledge to anyone who has a need for it. I sometimes wish I knew a person who knew the thins I know right now. It would have spared me of a lot of trouble, of thinking and of worrying. But in the end, I’m still left with some fundamental knowledge that few throughout history have seen.